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Music Director Pro is a
framework solution for band, orchestra or choral directors. A framework is a template that can be used as starting foundation for a new system or incorporated into an existing FileMaker system. Music program directors will have the ability to track and catalog assets including people, music libraries, ensembles, schedules, inventory, photos, and more. All vital information is organized in one central repository offering complete administration and visibility.

Music Director Pro efficiently does away with issues normally experienced with handwritten documents or numerous spreadsheets. Shared user access is available so members of your organization may update the database simultaneously. This easy-to-use, flexible system will help directors reduce the effort required to organize assets within their music program.

Music Director Pro is built on the award-winning, multi-platform FileMaker Pro database engine, and can be configured for both PC and Mac, so everyone in your organization has access. In addition, it is completely customizable to fit your specific needs.

Music Director Pro

Framework to Customize and Expand
Music Director Pro is sold 100% unlocked and optimized for use in FileMaker Pro 13 which utilizes the latest layouts and graphics. You may expand and customize any module or feature with or without our help. With Music Director Pro your organization will have a solution that can easily update as workflow demands change.

Whether you are running Mac or PC, Music Director Pro runs consistently on both platforms.

Run it on your server OR host it on PCI’s servers.

Shared Access to Data
Delegate responsibility to anyone in your organization to help you with managing different parts of the system.

Review details about everyone associated with your organization from students to volunteers or administrative roles. View contact information and images, attendance, auditions and challenges, assignments, and even prospective student recruitments. Export contacts to a spreadsheet for your convenience.

Track student attendance in a rehearsal hall, on the field, or at a concert conveniently via iPad.

Track the necessary details of each ensemble. Utilize a comprehensive participants list or view all member roles. Specify ensemble locations, meeting times, class numbers and more.

Schedule Events
Create a thorough calendar of events that can easily be published for public viewing. Schedule or view ensemble performances, and use the built-in map system to locate and navigate to destinations.

Music Library
Catalog a complete music library and keep track of the performance history for each composition. Specify style classification, showcased instruments, missing parts, program notes, or loan history.

Inventory Management
Create and manage all of your organization’s inventory items complete with images and a date and time tracking utility. Provides details for instruments including each brand, condition, purchase and repair history, serial number, member usage or locker location.

Keep track of all locker assignments, locations, contents, numbers and sizes. Assign multiple members to a shared locker if necessary. Sort locker records or view by priority in a list.

Assign and track all uniform types and parts for specific people. Specify individual sizes, statuses, makes, models, and purchase details.

Store photographs and tag people or ensembles to specific images. Easily perform a mass import of photo files into the system.

Utilize a range of reporting materials and create custom data reports and forms. Music Director Pro comes with an array of pre-formatted reports for your convenience.

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System Requirements

Application: WindowsMacintoshFileMaker® Pro 12 - 14

Platform: Windows® 7/8
Mac OS X 10.9-10.11

Other:Music Director Pro is purchased as a framework and can be used as starting point for a new system or incorporated into an existing FileMaker system.

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Music Director Pro Framework: $5,000.00

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